Hi, welcome to my portfolio.

You're maybe asking yourself "what or who is Yusuf Evli?" and my answer would be "that's my name".

I got this name 1995 when I was born in Wetzlar, Germany. Yes, it's the same city where the camera brand Leica was found and I don't really know, if that's the reason why I'm an enthusiastic (analog) photographer today.
The intention of my work isn't to capture a moment in a frame to make it unforgettable. I think apart from the fact that we will remind the good happenings in life every time when we need or we want it, is the possibility to forgot something a beautiful gift of god. 

So what I want is to create an artistic view to the wonderful world.

At the same time, I'm an upcoming interior + retail designer and work at the same time as a barista at Simitçi Dünyası in Wuppertal. Maybe one day you come over and we will drink a coffee together :)


You can contact me of course for every question. I would be very grateful about a guestbook entry.